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A Smart Investment...

The library is a vital tool for our children and our community. Reading is an essential skill for success in school…and beyond. Literate citizens are informed and engaged citizens.

The Henderson County branch library building in Fletcher, NC, has served us well but is now inadequate for the growing community. It has run out of shelf space for books and lacks adequate spaces for children's programs, classes, media and computer use. The north end of Henderson County needs a new, better Fletcher library to fully serve the growing number of citizens in our area.   The cost of a new library will be approximately $4 million, for the structure, parking spaces, and land.

Government Commitment

The County and the Town should each commit to $1.5 million for this necessary project.

Now is the time to talk to your Town Council and County Commissioners! Express your support for a new library in the northern part of Henderson County!

With YOUR help, WE can make it happen!

How can you help?

Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors.
Sign our petition. 
Contribute funds for the new library. 
Speak to or write our elected town, county, and state officials.  
Attend our meetings. 
Join New Fletcher Library Partners.
Host fundraising events for the new library. 
Support our fund-raising events.